Match your jewellery with your dress code

Jewellery can add style, radiance to your outfit. There are nonetheless some associations you should avoid. If you have curves, don't accumulate pieces of jewellery, it may weigh down your figure. Also avoid wearing a choker with elaborate collars or Peter Pan collars. You should also avoid large gems-ornamented pieces of jewellery on velvet fabrics because it may create a jewellery box effect.


As to earrings, you should rather chose them long and thin when you wear a turtleneck or a V-neck jumper. This association will stretch out your figure. With elaborate earrings or dangling earrings, remember making the nape of the neck visible and avoid also wearing a necklace.


When chosing a necklace, avoid chokers. Rather wear necklaces with a pendant reaching your chest, this will make your bust look longer. Chains perfectly adorn simple outfits, their lightness and flowing fabrics or cotton and light stitch dresses, shirts, Tshirts and jumpers go very well together. Women and young ladies are fond of long necklaces. If it's long enough, you can wind it twice around your neck. Necklaces superposition is the current trend.


As to bracelets, bangles will make your wrist look thinner. When wearing a large or flared-sleeved top, rather chose to wear several fine and simple bangles. When wearing a close-fitting top, a single and large bangle will look great.
In any case, match large pieces of jewellery or fashion jewellery with simple outfits.
They transform basic items of clothing.