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Domi Bijoux's tips and tricks

Match your jewellery with your dress code

Fashion jewellery

Jewellery can add style, radiance and inventiveness to your outfit. There are nonetheless some associations you should avoid...Don't accumulate pieces of jewellery, it may weigh down your figure. Also avoid to wear a big necklace with...


As to earrings, you should rather chose them long and thin when you wear a turtleneck or a V-neck jumper. This association will stretch out your figure. With elaborate earrings or dangling earrings...


When chosing a necklace, avoid chokers, rather wear necklaces with pendants... Long necklaces...


As to bracelets, bangles will make your wrist look thinner. When wearing a large or flared-sleeved top...

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Jewellery and Dresses

A round and rather short necklace is perfect with a straight décolleté strappy dress.
Any necklace, no matter its style or its form, short or long, can match a V-neck décolleté,

even a long necklace with a pendant.

A black dress, the famous Little Black Dress, is a reference in terms of pure elegance. With a black dress, all you have to do is taking into account the shape of the dress and the occasion you are wearing it for. To go to work, any colour and any piece of jewellery will do, even a black one. Try colour pearls, ceramic beads or feathers, they are very trendy this year.
With a cotton summer dress, a long necklace or several superposed necklaces and multiple bracelets are recommended for a perfect look.

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How to chose your jewellery

It is very important to chose your jewellery according to your morphology.


Whether you choose a silver necklace or a fashion necklace, it always draws attention on the neck and on the cleavage.
V-shaped necklaces with a small dangling pendant...


Whether silver or fashion, metal bracelets are very appreciated. You should wear it alone if it has charms.

But if the bracelet is simple, you can wear many of them, mixing metal bracelets with Rocaille beads bracelets...


Just as with earrings and face shapes, you must choose a ring according to the shape of your fingers.

If you have small and thin fingers, a fine ring will look amazing. The ring mustn't...

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How to chose your earrings

Knowing how to choose your earrings is very important.
The shape and the length must be chosen according to the shape of your face.

Rectangle faces :
Large hoop earrings are perfect if you have a rectangular face.

Round faces :
Avoid wearing round or large earrings if you gave a round face.

Heart faces :
Earrings with a larger lower part create a perfect balance if you have a heart-shaped face.

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How to clean your Jewellery

Cleaning your silver pieces of jewellery

Silver is an alloy of silver and copper (92.5% silver) that tends to blacken. It's a natural phenomenon that you shouldn't be worried about. There are several ways to clean your silver jewellery. The main three methods are sodium bicarbonate, touthpaste and lemon.

The first solution consists in taking a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate and dilute it in a glass of water...

Cleaning your fashion jewellery

Nor silver nor gold, often ornamented with gems, pearls or semiprecious stones, fashion jewellery always make an impression ! But these pieces of jewellery have a style and a radiance that you must preserve by cleaning them carefully...
For a light cleaning, you can rub them softly with a sponge previously plunged in soapy water. Then, rince with clear water and dry with a soft rag.
For a more vigorous cleaning, you can proceed as with silver pieces of jewellery....

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How to preserve your jewellery

Preserving your jewellery

Both silver and fashion jewellery cannot be put away in a jumble in boxes or drawers. Indeed, it leads jewellery to oxidise and blacken...

Display units are available for earrings. The important is to separate earrings from one another. These earrings display units...
You can hang necklaces on wooden coat racks with several coat-pegs against the wall. Necklaces don't get mixed up...



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Domi Bijoux's materials


To make our silver jewellery we use 925 silver. It is the kind of silver that contains the highest percentage of pure silver (92.5%)...To make our fashion jewellery we use metal elements...In both cases, we use nickel free materials without any allergy risk. Indeed, a European law bans the use of nickel in jewellery manufacturing.

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To make our silver jewellery and our fashion jewellery, we use natural materials.
For natural pearls, we use black agate or Onyx, rose quartz, Howlite, tinted jade, lapis lazuli, Tridachna beads, amethyst, coral, purple jade, aventurine, hematite...
All these natural stones have differentproperties ans are associated with symbols.

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