How to chose your earrings

Knowing how to choose your earrings is very important.
The shape and the length must be chosen according to the shape of your face.

Rectangle faces :
Large hoop earrings are perfect if you have a rectangular face.
Round faces :
Avoid wearing round or large earrings if you gave a round face.

Heart faces :
Earrings with a larger lower part create a perfect balance if you have a heart-shaped face.

Square faces :
Trapezium-shaped earrings will have the same balance effect if you have a square face.

Oval faces :
You can choose any kind of earrings if you have an oval face.

Long faces :
Small and short earrings will give more volume and be perfectly fitted if you have a long face.

If you are short-haired, you can choose any kind of earrings. You must only be careful to have them match with the colour of your outfit and the shape of your face.