Cleaning your jewells

Cleaning your silver pieces of jewellery

Silver is an alloy of silver and copper (92.5% silver) that tends to blacken. It's a natural phenomenon that you shouldn't be worried about. There are several ways to clean your silver jewellery. The main three methods are sodium bicarbonate, touthpaste and lemon.

The first solution consists in taking a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate and dilute it in a glass of water. With the obtained dough, softly rub the piece of jewellery in small circles thanks to a toothbrush. Then, rince with clear water and dry with a soft rag, such as microfibre cloth, to make it shine.
The second solution consists in going exactly through the same process, you just replace sodium bicarbonate with toothpaste.
The thirds solution consists in cutting a lemon slice and rub it directly against the piece of jewellery on the flesh side. Then, rince with clear water and dry with a soft rag to make it shine.

Cleaning your fashion jewellery

Nor silver nor gold, often ornamented with gems, pearls or semiprecious stones, fashion jewellery always make an impression ! But these pieces of jewellery have a style and a radiance that you must preserve by cleaning them carefully. Here are the different ways to clean fashion jewellery to prevent blackening.
For a light cleaning, you can rub them softly with a sponge previously plunged in soapy water. Then, rince with clear water and dry with a soft rag.
For a more vigorous cleaning, you can proceed as with silver pieces of jewellery. You softly rub the piece of jewellery thanks to a toothbrush in small circles with some toothpaste. Then, rince with clear water and dry with a soft rag.
To prevent fashion jewellery from blackening, clean them with a sponge previously wet with lemon juice slightly diluted with water. Then, dry with a soft rag and apply a thin layer of varnish.
To decrease the fashion jewellery oxidization effect, you have to be tidy and preserve your jewellery.
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